British Summer Schools

Summer schools are an excellent way to learn English. Experience fully residential summper pograms with student sfrom all over the world, learning English through fun and experiences. 

Summer schools are an excellent way to learn English. Experience fully residential summer schools with students from all over the world, learning English through fun and experiences. 

We work with a select group of hand selected summer schools, which we trust implicitly and where our students cannot wait to return year after year. 

A Typical Day

The beauty of a summer school experience is that there is no such thing as a typical day. A part of the day, usually the morning, is made of English language classes delivered by professional teachers. These classes can take a variety of formats but are usually focussed on speaking and understanding the English language. 

The afternoons are then often made up of sports and outdoor games, whilst the evenings are often made up of organised games and activities, created and delivered by a dedicated professional team on site. 

Summer schools also offer a variety of trips to various UK sites, depending on their location, to ensure students are able to live the full cultural experience.  

Where are summer schools held?

Geographically speaking, summer schools can be found all across the UK. Many, however, are situated close to London to facilitate students arriving from different parts of the world. 

Many summer schools hire out school buildings, which are not used during the summer, but provide the perfect base students. These sites are usually purpose build and allow students to enjoy a fully residential course, where they eat, sleep and live on site. This is a unique experience as it allows them to be fully immersed in the school experience and builds strong bonds with their peers at the same time. 

What Are the Benefits?

Learn English

There are no better ways to learn English in a short space of time than on an English Summer School program. The summer schools we work with ensure that the students that attend their programs come from a wide variety of countries and speak a variety of languages. 

This guarantees that English is the common language amongst all the students. So whilst many things will be learnt during classes, even more learning goes on outside of the classroom, where the students learn a language just by playing, talking and interacting with the friends and peers every day. This, without doubt, is the best way to learn a language – without realising! 

Make friends from around the world

The international environment that you can experience on a summer school is truly unique. Living, learning, eating, sleeping and playing with each other every day enables the students to form strong bonds and many leave these summer schools with friendships that last a lifetime. 

Personal Development

It is, of course, a daunting prospect to ask students to leave home, travel overseas, say goodbye to their parents and then spend several weeks in a completely new and strange environment. For many students it will be their first time away from home. This is all taken into account and carefully monitored and managed by the professional staff we work with. 

Once they have made friends and settled in, we invariably witness an incredible personal development amongst the students. They gain in confidence and independence and many discover that their talents and abilities are far greater than they ever imagined. Attending a summer school is a great opportunity for young people to grow as individuals and come back with a renewed belief in themselves. 

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