Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Azores so unique for Geography students?

The Azores Islands are created from a volcanic hotspot, situated a few hundred kilometres away from the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The islands have formed at the junction of three tectonic plates: the North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate and the African Plate. 

How will groups travel around the Azores?

Each group will be either accompanied on their journey or met at the airport by representatives of Educational Adventures. At the airport, a private coach company will transfer the group to their hotel. Each day, groups will travel around the airprort with private coach transfer. 

What kind of accommdation can be expected?

This is dependent on which option is selected and booked by each group. There are various hotel options available in all of our destinations to suit all budgets. 

Where will meals be eaten?

This depends on what kind of a package is booked by each group. Depending on the hotel selected, each group will have the option of a bed and breakfast, half-board or full-board. If meals are to be eaten outside the hotel, Educational Adventures will provide a selection of recommended restaurants.

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