Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a daunting prospect. We understand this and are here to help guide you through the process, every step of the way. We offer expert guidance and advice, tailored to your family’s needs and practical solutions on how to make your study abroad dream a reality. 

What are the benefits of studying in the UK?


What are the benefits of studying in the UK?

Perhaps one of the most important, long lasting and life changing benefits of studying abroad is learning a language. Learning a new language opens up a new world and there really is no better time to do this when you are young. With our focus on British schools and education, living, going to school or attending an immersive summer program can give students the tools necessary to be able to speak and understand English fluently. 

Internationally Recognised Qualifications

The qualifications you will receive are recognised and respected globally. Students typically  begin a two year GCSE course in their chosen and compulsory subjects in Year 10 (or equivalent). GCSE’s are now graded 9 – 1 and are seen throughout the world as evidence of a rigorous and respected education. In their final year, students will undertake A Level exams, the results of which can be used to determine entry into Higher Education, if so desired. Again, the A Level exams are looked upon favourably across the world by Higher Education institutions and employers. 

Quality of Schools 

The UK has a long history of providing quality education throughout primary and secondary schools. Whether you are looking for a state school, grammar school or private school, there will be a whole host of quality options available to you, in any part of the UK. Teaching is a highly professional and respected profession and the standard of teaching is closely monitored by numerous inspection boards. Many schools also pride themselves on offering a wide variety of high class extra curricular activities including sports, music and drama. 

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