Aplicaciones Colegios Britanicos

Why Study in the UK?

The UK has a long history of world class education. Whichever type of school you decide to choose, you can be assured of a high quality learning environment, with highly qualified professionals, a wide ranging and varied curriculum both inside and outside the classroom and a rich learning experience. If you decided to complete public exams in a UK school, you can be assured that you will leave with highly regarded qualifications which are recognised across the world. 

What kind of school should I choose?

The UK education system has a variety of schools to select from, from excellent state schools which offer a high quality free education, to academic grammar schools and fee paying schools. There are options for day schools and boarding, depending on your personal situation. 

Can we specialise in sport, music or drama?

Many schools specialise or are highly regarded in a particular area, whether that be academic achievement, sporting development, music, drama or something else. If you are looking for a school to provide particular support and opportunities in one of these areas then please let us now and we can offer advice and information which will be tailored to your family’s individual situation. 

What does the application process involve?

This can be a compliclated area as the application process to each individual school often involves different steps and processes. Some schools require entrance examinations to be completed before accepting an application, while other schools focus more on interviews and meeting families and prospective parents in person. If you are specifically applying for a music, sports or drama scholarship then it is common to provide evidence of proficiency in these relevant areas.